Detox Take 2

Everyday is a new opportunity to have a fresh start.

Soooo, I attempted to start a detox last Monday, and I started off strong with this same detox drink and a smoothie to start my day. Enter problem 1…I went out and didn’t bring a snack, so by the time 11 am came I was having a sugar, coffee, and food crash. I had a good long drive home, so I decided the best option was kettle chips. Enter problem 2…… That’s semi healthy, right? Probably not when you eat half the bag. This was just enough to derail most of my plan, and by day 3 the entire plan. The thing that kept haunting me was bread. Bread is so delicious. However, the inflammation it causes in my body is definitely worth giving up for a short time of 10 days.

So here I am on another Monday to try again. I am gonna think about it on a large scale by being prepared with a list of go to food options, but also taking one healthy eating choice at a time. Never give up!

Detox Drink

Squeeze of lemon juice

2 cap fulls raw apple cider vinergar

a little honey

warm water

Mix all these ingredients together, and drink while warm. You can also add a splash of 100% organic cranberry juice.

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