Kombucha Anyone?

We have been drinking kombucha as a family for many years, but it can be so expensive. I also know several people who drink it as well, and one of them was so kind to give me a scoby. A scoby is a culture of bacteria and yeast that is the base for kombucha. So, I was given the measurements to start my own kombucha at home. It was so easy to do in this pour spout glass container. The health and cost benefits definitely made this adventure worth while. We have all enjoyed to see the mixture transform from tea to carbonated beverage. Patience is definitely a requirement😉.

2 Gallon Glass Jar with Spout

1 cup of Raw Sugar per Gallon of Tea

6-8 Black Tea Bags per Gallon of Water

Put scoby in the glass jar with some of the original liquid (that you made or a nice person gave to you). Then, add room temperature tea. Cover with cheesecloth. Let sit for 14-30 days, then enjoy. To continue making this, you will need to make more tea. Add FULLY cooled tea in the jar on top of what you already have. Let it sit at least overnight….that’s it!

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